From Lesson Plans to Fashion : My Journey from Teaching to Launching Boutique 224 Online

From Lesson Plans to Fashion : My Journey from Teaching to Launching Boutique 224 Online

This past month, I'm excited to share a transformative chapter in my life. After dedicating years to the noble profession of teaching, I've decided to pivot and follow my passion for fashion by launching Boutique 224, an online women's boutique.  Here's how my incredible journey unfolded:

The Teaching Years

Passion for Education: For over 20 years, I had been committed to educating and inspiring the next generation. I was a middle school language arts teacher in the Cedar Rapids area. I always had a passion for teaching middle schoolers and helping educate them before they got to high school.

 Rewarding Moments: The joy of seeing a student grasp a new concept was always the highlight of my day. Helping a student develop and mature throughout a school year was always one of my favorite moments. I will always have a desire deep down to teach.

Challenges: While teaching had its ups and downs, the rewards often outweighed the challenges. In my last few of years of teaching, the challenges started to become more frequent and demanding. I knew I had to make a change in my professional life. 

The Spark for Change

Love for Fashion: Alongside my teaching career, I've always had a deep-rooted love for fashion and style. I would pick out new fall clothes with my mother & reading every possible department store catalog. One of my first jobs was working at women's clothing store. I have to admit, most of my paychecks were spent at the same clothing store. The love I have for fashion has never changed.

Midlife Reflection: As I reached a certain milestone, I began to reflect on what else I wanted to achieve in life. I was at a crossroads with my professional career, I had just quit teaching and knew I had a burning passion for fashion that I needed to fulfill. The urge to fulfill my creative aspirations has always been a driving force in my life, with fashion consistently serving as a subtle yet persistent backdrop to my other endeavors.

The 'Aha' Moment: The idea of combining my love for fashion with my skills in education and management seemed like the perfect next step. I had been helping my husband renovate homes for awhile. However, the 'Aha' moment was always there when I had the idea of starting my E-Commerce store called Boutique 224.

The Transition

Research and Planning: I spent months researching the fashion industry, analyzing the successful competitors, and creating a comprehensive business plan. My planning also included finding a way to attain my clothes a sustainable way because large fashion companies usually find the cheapest route.

Support System: The journey from teaching to launching Boutique 224 would not have been possible without the steadfast support of my family and friends. Their roles were multi-faceted and invaluable.

Emotional Anchors: Whether it was a listening ear during moments of doubt or a cheering squad during small victories, my loved ones provided the emotional sustenance that fueled my drive.

Practical Assistance: From helping me review business plans to offering feedback on product selections, their hands-on involvement was crucial in fine-tuning the details of the venture. They were honest when I had an idea that wasn't so great, but that's what I needed and still need at times.

Networking and Connections: Some friends and family members are going the the extra mile by spreading the word about Boutique 224. Word of mouth is always the most important form of advertising and is helping me build my brand.

 Moral Support: Last but not least, knowing that I had a community that believed in me and the vision for Boutique 224 gave me the courage to take each step forward, no matter how daunting. Thank you to all of my kids and especially to my loving husband, Jeff!


The Birth of Boutique 224 | Affordable Fashion 

Choosing E-commerce: Given the flexibility and reach of online platforms, I decided to launch Boutique 224 as an e-commerce Cedar Rapids Boutique. It was no-brainer to start selling online, everyone is always on there phones. This also helped me avoid the hefty overhead costs of having a physical location.

 Target Audience: The boutique focuses on women of all ages and sizes, offering stylish yet comfortable clothing options. I also wanted a boutique that offered women over 40 clothes that they could feel comfortable showing off in. 

 First Steps: From sourcing products to setting up the online store and implementing SEO strategies, every step was a learning experience. I have learned so much about online marketing with starting this clothing brand. Having social media accounts and being active is a must in the E-Commerce world especially with selling women's clothes. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. I'm thrilled to embark on this new adventure and can't wait to welcome you all to Boutique 224's online store soon!


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Best wishes,

Lori Iben

Owner of Boutique 224


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